The object of the Society is to work for the Development and Promotion of the area through Entrepreneurial interventions. To train and develop entrepreneurial talent in the field of small industry, agro business  including dairying and dairy products, food processing organizations as well as industrial enterprises. To import to the youth an education that will make them intelligent and patriotic by establishing, maintaining and managing educational institutions such as colleges, medical colleges, technical institutions and schools or by taking over the control and management of existing institutions. To provide technical training to the youth and to set up training-cum-  production centers. To motivate the Youth to adopt Self-Employment as a valid career. To work and motivate others for rain water harvesting as well as better utilization of Natural Resources in the area. To construct and promote mini Water-Shed Projects. To arrange and grow various trees, flowers in the wasteland with the help and guidance of Horticulture and Forest Departments. To make people aware about the various schemes being run by various Government Departments. To promote village level cottage Industries like spinning, weaving, bee-keeping and animal husbandry for the overall development of Rural Communities. To undertake vocational training programmes for rurl poor women. To work for the preservation of our Culture and Heritage, Monuments, Mountains. To work for the promotion and preservation of our Forests and Environment. To work for the upliftment of our Society especially Rural Poor, Women and Children. To work against Human Trafficking and Child Abuse. To work for the development of Human Resources. To create awareness amongst our masses on Health & Nutrition. To provide consultancy to those who are interested to set up industry, service unit or  start business activity. Also to provide consultancy services to existing Industry/institution in the field of expansion, diversification, modernization, technology up gradation etc. To prepare Feasibility Report, undertake Market Survey, Diagnostic Studies, and Appraisals. Extension services to the small and medium scale entrepreneurs in industry and farming. vArrange to provide part and full time courses to service entrepreneurial development.